Funeral Wakes

A funeral wake is the reception after the funeral and is an opportunity for friends and family to mourn the passing of the person who has died and to celebrate their life and for guests to express their condolences and support for the deceased person’s close family.

Funeral Wake Location


Our free hall for hire provides an ideal location to hold your funeral wake and to take the stress away from the family members holding it in their own home.


Special touches


As part of the increasing trend towards personalising funerals, families are introducing special touches into the arrangements for the reception. 

These special touches may be a simple display of some photos of the deceased person, a choice of music, a favourite choice of wine or some informal reminiscences from close friends.

We are able to talk through any special request and help arrange these for you.


Arranging catering

You may not feel up to the job of preparing the food and drink for the wake of the funeral.

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By holding the funeral wake in our hall, we can prepare the tea and coffee and provide buffet options for you. 

The standard buffet includes a selection of sandwiches along with  other finger food, crisps and a sweet option. The luxury buffet option includes unlimited tea and coffee. 

 Contact us to discuss these options.


You will need to estimate out how many people will be attending the reception. This can be difficult to do and you may need to ask a couple of family members to help you by phoning around to quantify numbers.  For large numbers we may have to ask for a contribution to the additional bar staff required.