Meeting Room

Meeting Room for local businesses, AGMs and conference


Our free hall to hire can provide an excellent location for local businesses to meet, to hold your AGM or for conferences.  

The standard buffet includes a selection of sandwiches and a range of other finger food, crisps and cakes.  The luxury buffet will include a wider range of food plus unlimited tea and coffee.   Contact us 0n 01634 408544 to discuss these options.

You will need to estimate out how many people will be attending the meeting.  For large numbers we may have to ask for a contribution to the additional bar staff required.


Some tips for a successful meeting

1) Start on time, and end on time

2) Have an agenda and stick to it.

3) Regular meetings should be kept as short as possible and very structured. Have rules for canceling the meeting when appropriate — if such-and-such doesn’t happen, if only a certain number of people can attend, etc.

4) If a meeting is long, schedule breaks when people can check their e-mail and phones. 

5) Meetings should stay tightly focused. 

6) Perhaps most important: Be very specific about the “action items”